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Pack of African Wild Dogs
June 12, 2017

The Return of the Wild Dogs

With its big antenna-like ears, sleek-streamlined body and patterned coat earning the species the nickname of painted wolf, the African wild dog is a sight to behold in the natural environment. And being the most successful hunters of all predators, they most certainly count as a favourite sighting among visitors to the Klaserie Private Nature […]

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Bundu, young male leopard in Klaserie
May 25, 2017

Young Leopard Spotted Out and About

Bundu the young male leopard┬áhas made a real show of himself in the Klaserie and has soared into position of crowd favourite after his latest antics saw him chasing birds in in a marula tree. Over the last couple of days, this entertaining and confident leopard has offered up some unforgettable sightings, and our latest […]

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Beauty of Klaserie Bushveld

The Beautiful Klaserie Bushveld – Elephant and Buffalo

The endless striking hues of the bushveld creates a palette of colour that leaves you yearning for more of the safari lifestyle. Languid days are spent exploring the sometimes arid and occasionally lush bushveld, while nights are spent huddled around campfires under star spangled skies. Angles, texture, reflections, depth and moods can all be captured […]

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